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Our team at Mystical Productions specializes in Augmented Reality (AR) technology that brings us streamlined and cost-effective psychophysics-based solutions to solve our problems.
Using AR-Powered Systems be it an application or a hardware device, our team makes it possible to renovate the process of branding & creating innovative solutions. The AR industry is set to empower each sector be it Healthcare, Education, Real estate, Tours & Travel, Gaming, Entertainment etc.
On-the-Job Assistance using Augmented Reality technology through Tablets or Wearables enables digital overlays over the real environment with visual instruction and interactive guidance. Mystical Productions is one of the leading company for providing AR & VR Development Services in Delhi.
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AR & VR Development Service

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AR & VR development Service
Being one of the top IT Service Provider Companies, Mystical Productions is always one step ahead when it comes to technologies. AR Development Services are not new in the industry any more!
We have an experienced team of skillful developers working on different ideas and creating solutions on AR Development services.AR has transformed our team into proficient, confident individuals, inheriting decades of knowledge and experience in a short duration saving years of training time.
Our experience with clients from pan India and abroad has made us capable enough to jot down your idea into creative solutions.

Technologies worked upon

Augmented Reality Development Services at Mystical Productions

AR development Company

Marker-Based AR Service

An Augmented Reality solution that asks you to scan a physical marker or image in particular, is a solution we term as Marker Based AR solution. This Marker Based Augmented Reality solution affords one-step forward understanding, that extracts a 2D/3D model, videos, animations and audios across various business verticals.
It enables manufacturers to boom client engagement, apart from assisting them to create immersive content material over print and virtual media. Marker Based AR works with Image (Markers) Recognition.
Augmented Reality has confirmed to be the approaching virtual era, in which each person may be based and inclined to peer their thoughts as augmented interactive content material.

Markerless AR Service

Our people at Mystical Productions are professionals in instigating Marker- less AR apps to provide your enterprise the benefit of monitoring and focused on clients location-wise.
This allows your customers to find exciting locations from their location itself. This type of AR Solution is more flexible than marker-based AR; it does not need a marker/image to deploy.
Instead, it relies on positional information collected from a device’s camera, GPS, digital compass and accelerometer. We convert our clients' ideas into AR based applications like AR in Retails, AR in Sports, AR in Restaurant etc.

AR & VR development services
AR development Company

Location-based AR Solutions

This Augmented Reality solution enables finding relevant information about what your clients are seeking out on their GPS-enabled device using a Location Based AR application.
This service features both Indoors and Outdoors.Location Based AR Service offers the Real Time Navigation Augmented Reality experience.
Overlaying virtual data, customers can have digitized animations, images or other information over real, physical space. With the mixture of Augmented Reality capabilities and Location Based sensors, customers can encounter & live in with robust and engaging navigation.

AR Integration to E-commerce

The ever-growing market for AR based e-commerce applications, has created the scope of businesses round the globe to create lasting impacts in the industry. Over the years, the outcome of AR E-commerce applications has enhanced decision-making of customers.
We bring hands-on experience to increase tailor-made AR solutions for customers throughout flexible domains. We assist our clients on numerous things associated with e-commerce platforms & increase their sales.

AR development Company in Ghaziabad
AR development Company

AR Game App Development Service

Augmented Reality holds a large capacity to create ground-breaking experiences in gaming and entertainment.Our augmented reality developers have experience in creating AR products for various platforms from simple geo-location based games for mobile devices to high-end FPSs games, we do it all.
We work with the right SDKs for your project depending on the functionality required – 3D tracking, smart glasses support, geolocation etc. Our AR Video game developers are skilled at augmented reality mobile game design using popular tools like ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, ARToolkit and Wikitude etc.

Snapchat & Instagram lens Development

With AR & VR development services impacting businesses all over the world, lens creation is no way back!
Lenses are a way of reflecting creativity – a completely unique combination of designers, artists and storytellers who construct fun, attractive Lenses that regularly pass viral.
We create lenses that help businesses expand their functional areas by increasing engagement & branding. Mystical Productions not only provides lens creation but also lens app creation services.

AR development Company in Ghaziabad

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